Get Fit Tip: 4 ways to stop eating because you have nothing better to do!

11 Jul


We are all guilty of sneaking into the kitchen and taking a peek into the pantry to see what goodies might call out to us. I am a huge culprit of this, which is why I have to put my foot down when it comes to allowing sugar bombs into my home. However, it is not always that easy when you have kids (or significant others with a sweet tooth). So, if you are feeling like you find yourself chillin’ in the pantry scoping out the goods a little more than you should, try these 4 easy tips!

1.Squash Hunger: Make sure you are not skipping meals as this will lead to frequent snacking. Eating 5 to 6 small meals is a great way to keep you full and energized throughout the day. When eating your main meals make sure you have lots of protein and a healthy carb to tie you over until your next meal.

2. Wait it out: You are most likely to impulsively eat after a stressful situation. If you can hang tight for about 20 minutes, until your stress hormones level, the impulse will most likely fade.

3. Drink Up: Dehydration can manifest itself in the form of hunger pains, so grab a cold one (water of course!) and see how you feel after.

4. Be prepared for an emergency: If you find that you absolutely can not go another second without some kind of a pick me up, which hey it happens! Be prepared. I like to keep a small amount of emergency dark chocolates around for those times. This way I am only accountable for eating a small guilty pleasure and not noshing on a whole chocolate cake 😉


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